Minden living facilities moving residents after closure

Minden living facilities moving residents after close (NTV News)

After some delay, Kearney County Health Services will soon be closing the doors to their Hinterlong and Countryside Living facilities. They were given 60 days to vacate, but it was then doubled to 120 days to get residents into proper homes.

After a significant loss in funds, Kearney County Health Services decided to close down their two living facilities last January. CEO Luke Poore said finding the residents a new place to call home became his number one priority.

"We immediately hit the ground running in trying to find placement for our residents. Thankfully, you know, we've been continuing to work with Bethany on a local level. We've gotten everybody placed and have a discharged location,” Poore said.

Poore said the Minden Bethany Home is taking in the remaining 12 residents that are still housed at Hinterlong and Countryside.

As for the staff members impacted by these closings, Poore said arrangements have been made for them as well.

"We’ve had probably about 50 percent of our work force that this was going to effect move on. To my knowledge, all of them have moved on with a job, which is encouraging,” Poore said.

Poore said a community assessment was conducted, asking Minden folks what they would like to see in the town, and what could fill the vacant homes down the road.

"We’ve talked about chemotherapy administration, you know, we've talked about that possibly taking hold down there. We've talked about other health care service lines that really we don't offer today that we might utilize in that square feet in the future,” Poore said.

Poore said they’d be working on their strategic plan, focusing on the next three to five years and the possibilities for new, community focused services at the hospital.

"We are thankful to be a part of their care for the time that we were, and we have been very blessed to get to know a lot of these folks, their families. They've been a great joy to be around,” said Poore.

All residents will be moved out, and the centers will be officially closed on April 30th.

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