Minden Rotary Club hoping to bring new farming technology to Uganda

Minden Rotary Club hoping to bring new farming technology to Uganda

The Minden Rotary club working hard on an upcoming anticipated project to introduce a corn planter to farmers in Uganda.

"We understand the value of saving labor, planting accurately one seed at a time. We understand the value that brings to the equation and we figured it'd be a great Nebraska project," said Kevin Raun, a Minden farmer.

Raun who is heading to Uganda next spring said this project was first conceived at Oklahoma State University-Stillwater at their agronomy plant-science department. He says his cousin happens to be a scientist there, so they had been talking about this project for several years.

"I saw some pictures of some folks working on this steep terrain, by hand, and it makes me fortunate that I don't have to do this everyday," Raun said.

This planter hoping to do three things: singulate the seed which is important for farming, save the back breaking labor, and keep the seeds that are treated with chemicals off the hands of farmers.

"So this provides a mechanism where their hands are not in that chemical and when the farmers are women of child bearing age, it becomes really imperative and that becomes a huge benefit," Raun said.

"We're going to give them these and then we're going to find local manufacturers so they can see the idea and so they can expand this there," Raun said.

If you are interested in helping out this with project, Raun said you can contact the Minden Rotary Club for more information.

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