Minden's BandFest sees record number of schools

Minden's BandFest sees record number of schools. (NTV News)

A parade had community members marching to the beat of different drums on Saturday.

Over 30 different Nebraska high school and junior high bands hit the streets for Minden's annual BandFest parade.

Schools came from near and far to march down Brown Avenue, with a record 37 schools participating.

A band student from Hershey Public Schools said she's glad she was able to participate, because they didn't get to take part in Harvest of Harmony last week.

"I'm really proud to be in a small band and I'm glad that even though we're small band we can still play it good," said Reagen Hudson, Hershey student.

Cozad's band director said he feels privileged to help students prepare for Saturday's parade.

"As a director I feel like I'm more of a facilitator," Mark Messner, Cozad band director, said. "I try to set up as many things as I can for these students to allow them the best chances to succeed as well as the best chance to learn leadership skills on how to lead a group so that their group can succeed."

Band members spoke about all of the preparation that goes into performing at parades.

"Everyone works very hard to come together as one group and be the best band we can possibly be," said Brooke Bode, a parade participant.

"It is a hard thing to do because we do have to practice during a lot of cold mornings on the track but once we get to do this and see people's reaction, it's pretty cool because I get to see little kids get really excited over it," said Jolynn Welch, a parade participant.

A field competition was also held after the parade.

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