Mosaic supports people with intellectual disabilities while connecting with the community

Mosaic supports people with intellectual disabilities while connecting with the community (NTV News)

An organization started in Axtell almost 105 years ago still serves people with intellectual disabilities from across the state.

Their first home was built on campus in 1915 and there are now a total of six homes serving over 100 people with intellectual disabilities.

"I like working on the laundry," said a resident at Mosaic Bethphage Village Tracie Monson.

Tracie Monson has lived at Mosaic for around two years progressing a little more each day.

"The staff learned how to teach me how to do my laundry all by myself and now I do that," said Monson.

She spends her days working and volunteering around the community.

"At the laundry I fold shirts. At the daylight store I run the cashier and then at the trinity church I fold the bulletins," said Monson.

"We always want someone to live in the least restrictive environment possible so we hope that we can be a training facility where someone can then move into a less restrictive home," said the community relations officer for Mosaic Bethphage Village Jim Fields.

With Mosaic's support, kids all the way to the elderly live within the walls of Mosaic getting the assistance they need.

"Even if that means they still live here. Maybe they become more independent living here, maybe they can dress themselves, maybe they're able to with physical therapy walk short distances that they weren't before. Our goal is whatever the next step for independence is that we help them achieve that," said Fields.

But, residents don't only work and volunteer.

They still get to do things they love.

Tracie likes to tell jokes.

"Why does the cat like the computer?," said Monson,


"Cause it's got a mouse," said Monson.

"It's an amazing place to be everyday and see people grow in their lives and see people just love you because of you are," said Fields.

Mosaic will be celebrating their 105th anniversary of February 19th and they say they plan to continue supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

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