Museum dedicated to Bigfoot opens in Hastings

    Museum dedicated to Bigfoot opens in Hastings (NTV News)

    Bringing the legend to life, Harriet McFeely the Bigfoot lady of Hastings opening her Crossroads of America Bigfoot museum in Hastings, showing off all sorts of artifacts of the mysterious creature.

    The museum is the culmination of a lifetime of study and collection of artifacts associated with the legend of big foot.

    For museum founder Harriet McFeely, the legendary Bigfoot has been a fascination of hers since she was a child.

    Ill never forget it I was 8 years old I remember it like yesterday they showed pictures on TV of these giant footprints that the natives of the Himalayas called the yet. Then in 1967 is when Patty ( took her famous walk down Bluff Creek everyone has seen where she was walking along like that and I was hooked for life

    said McFeely.

    Following her passion, Harriet collects artifacts related to Bigfoot, and often goes on her own trips to see if she can sight Bigfoot or any signs that Bigfoot had been in the area recently.

    It wasn't until she realized just how extensive her collection was that she decided to open the museum.

    Well I got the idea after I looked at my dining room table. Well you couldn't see it, just about everything in this museum I have had in my dining room boxes stacked, pictures, footprints everything and it was driving me crazy

    said McFeely.

    For McFeely the museum was just the next step in sharing her Bigfoot passion, as she was already active in national Bigfoot organizations and helped Hastings host Bigfoot conventions that were attended by over 700 people from across the us and Canada.

    I asked McFeely if she thought that she might get a chance to see a Bigfoot now that smartphones with cameras are everywhere, but she had her doubts about ever seeing one.

    Its not gonna happen, my friend Janice that was here hit the nail on the head, she said and I quote, the reason you don't find Bigfoot is because Bigfoot has already found you. Whenever we are out I can guarantee you they know it they see us they could be hiding behind that tree and we wouldn't know it

    said McFeely.

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