Nebraska named 6th for worst drivers in U.S.

Nebraska named 6th for worst drivers in U.S. (NTV News)

According to a new study, Nebraska is one of 13 states that falls dangerously behind on certain optimal laws. This study was produced by Safe Roads advocates for highway and auto safety. A few of the laws recommended by Safe Roads included stronger passenger restrictions and a few seat belt laws, things that Mark Sagerstrom of the Safety Council agrees with. He said advocates have a few ideas on how our laws should change.

"Have a first unrestricted license at age 18, restrict the driving times at night, instead of being at midnight, we should start it earlier at about 10 o’clock at night,” Sagerstrom said.

Sagerstrom said they also believe training hours for those trying to get their license should be increased by ten hours. Sagerstrom said there have been four studies out in the past few months that put Nebraska in the red zone for laws.

"The city of Omaha has the 8th worst drivers out of all the cities in our country. And then there was a study by the Auto Insurance Group that said that Nebraska was number one last year for road rage,” Sagerstrom said.

According to Sagerstrom, another study also said Nebraska was 6th for the worst drivers in the United States. Sagerstrom addressed the governor’s plan to raise speed limits. He said the Safety Council believes that would cause more road fatalities.

"Last year with the speed limit as it was, fatalities increased three percent from 2016, so it's not that, you know, by doing nothing fatalities have been decreasing. They really haven't at all,” Sagerstrom said.

Some states have gotten a head start on changing their laws, something the Safety Council hopes Nebraskans take into consideration.

"There’s many states and cities that are buying into the towards zero campaign of reducing deaths on the road and trying to implement measures where we can really help ensure that drivers are being safer out there,” Sagerstrom said.

On April 9, the safety council will continue their efforts by holding a press conference in Lincoln with a few families who know from experience just how important it is to drive safe and stay aware.

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