Nebraska 150 Express makes its stop in Kearney

A Union Pacific Streamliner locomotive stopped at several stops during the three-day "Whistle Stop Tour." (NTV News)

As a celebration of our state's history, the Nebraska 150 Express is traveling on tracks in communities across the state.

A Union Pacific Streamliner locomotive stopped at several stops during the three-day "Whistle Stop Tour."

Crowds of people came out to Kearney to see the railroad franchise make its stop in the city.

"We're celebrating Nebraska's 150th anniversary as a state by doing this whistle stop tour with the Union Pacific across the state, here in Kearney it was a fantastic turnout,” Governor Pete Ricketts said.

The state came together to celebrate how the Union Pacific has impacted Nebraska.

"Well it's important because the UP was a part of economic development of Nebraska along with transportation and that's why the UP is bringing the streamliner today,” Nebraska 150 Express event coordinator Jayne Meyer said.

Mayor Stan Clouse spoke to the people of Kearney, pointing out how important the railroad franchise is for the city.

"The Union Pacific was very crucial to the settlement of Kearney, so to be able to be a part of the express as it crosses the state stops at the larger communities - Ogallala, North Platte, Grand Island, Kearney - were honored to be a part of that,” said Clouse.

Governor Pete Ricketts said no matter where you are in Nebraska, you should be celebrating because the accomplishments the state has made.

"For example as an agricultural state we've got the mission on feeding the world and we have great opportunities just a few weeks ago in June I helped load the first U.S. beef going to China for the first time in 14 years. Were the No. 1 beef exporting state; that's a big deal,” said Ricketts.

Ricketts said the Union Pacific shaped Nebraska and he hopes in the next 150 years the state gets stronger.

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