Nebraska Buddy Check provides support for veterans on the water

Nebraska Buddy Check provides support for veterans on the water. (NTV News)

Veterans come together every year as a reminder that they are not alone.

Veterans and their families gathered to have a fun time on the water whether its kayaking or fishing - but it’s not your normal support group.

“To find that commodity with fellow veterans and their families,” said Lutheran Family Services Adam Armstrong.

Veterans and their families met on Saturday afternoon at Sherman Reservoir in Loup City for the Nebraska Buddy Check outing hosted by the Heroes on the Water Heartland Chapter.

It gave them a place to meet and heal.

"We come together the 22nd of every month in honor of the 22 veterans who we lose every day to suicide and our whole goal is to be able to connect veterans with fellow veterans and to remind them that we are not alone,” said Armstrong.

The organizations make it their duty to make sure every veteran feels comfortable.

"Especially important for veterans to get together as veterans with veterans because really the only people that understand us are fellow veterans, understand the situations the things you went through,” veteran James Koch said.

The veterans that attended the get-together say they all help each other with the struggle they face every day.

"Everybody handles them their own way. Some people get into a darker place than others, you know, but that's kind of the reason why we wanted to bring this together and get some of those guys who think nobody else understands but if they want to come hang out, they can see that we all understand,” veteran Wayne Martin said.

If the veterans have a difficult time talking about their struggles, they are not forced to do so.

"And its sometimes tough to be able to walk through a door and say 'hey I got a problem,' but if I'm just going to be able to say, hey come out and meet your fellow veterans and connect on that level we have a great time, we have a great turnout,” said Armstrong.

If you’re a veteran looking for a group to bond with others you can click here for the Nebraska Buddy Check and click here for the Heroes on the Water Heartland Chapter.

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