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Nebraska considered most flu affected state in the country

Nebraska considered most flu affected state in the country (NTV News)
Nebraska considered most flu affected state in the country (NTV News)
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It was in early November when health professionals started warning folks here in the United States that we might be in store for a tough flu season, now with flu season in full swing we are seeing huge increases in diagnosed flu cases, with Nebraska seeing more per capita than any other state.

Right now the flu is causing sickness all across the country. Currently all but 3 states are reporting widespread and regional flu activity, with Nebraska unfortunately topping that list.

Not only is Nebraska seeing a significantly increased number of cases, but its seeing a different strain of flu than the rest of the country as well.

"The flu is really high this year. we are seeing about three times the normal amount of flu in the area. Most of the flu here is Influenza A, H1N1, everyone will recognize that name, but nationwide its Influenza B thats the most prominent," said Katie Mulligan with Two Rivers Health Department.

The pharmacy company Wal-greens tracks the amount of flu medication its pharmacies provide every week and right now lists Nebraska as its number one state for medications and Omaha as the most affected city in the country.

With all this flu around, officials say there are little steps you can take to help you avoid catching or giving someone the flu.

"If you can we know its so hard, but we want you to stay home. Don't get babies sick, if you haven't gotten your flu shot best thing to do is get it, You can get the shot throughout the flu season. If you can wash your hands cover your cough, don't go in public if your sick and stay away from sick people if you can," said Mulligan.

Its not all bad news for the flu in Nebraska, as cases rise the means to treat them do as well.

Recently Kearney Regional started offering a new flu test that gives quicker more accurate results than previous tests.

"we are very excited to have a new DNA based platform to detect the flu and RSV. We are most excited because now we know when we give a result its a definitive result. The patient either has the flu or dont have the flu," Corlis Kozera of Kearney Regional Medical Center.

While we are right in the middle of flu season, its not to late to take steps to avoid it.

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Go out and get that flu shot, make sure you are washing hands, and if you are sick make sure to see your doctor and try to avoid going out until you get to feeling better.

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