Nebraska Game and Parks investigating dead fish in Lake Maloney

Nebraska Game and Parks investigating dead fish in Lake Maloney (NTV News)

Officials are working to learn what killed as many as 3,000 fish found along the shore of a local lake.

As many as 1,000 to 3,000 fish were found dead along the shoreline of Lake Maloney just south of North Platte on Saturday.

There are still fish present along the shoreline but beach-goers say it doesn't deter them from going.

"It's just normal if you're going to be at a lake it's going to smell like fish you know? That's wildlife," said Gabrel Sardna, a North Platte resident.

But Sardna said he was still surprised to see dead fish in the water.

"They stink. They really stink. There was a dead one in there. I was just swimming and there was a dead one floating. I jumped and I was like whoa," said Sardna.

Nebraska Game and Parks public information officer Julie Geiser said the fish kill was reported on Saturday.

They believe it to be an isolated incident where the fish possibly caught some type of disease.

"It's kind of one of those things where we had the stress of the fish under for the spawn. We literally went from 70 degree weather to 90 to 95 degrees so those water temperatures probably played a little bit of a role to added stress onto those fish," said Geiser.

The affected fish were white bass and wipers.

But within the size of Lake Maloney, Nebraska Game and Parks says it wasn't a crazy amount.

"Mortality comes and goes. We have fish mortality every year. Plus anglers that catch the fish and the number of fish that were actually affected by this was minimal," said Geiser.

And for those anglers worrying because they caught a white bass or a wiper over the weekend, Nebraska Game and Parks says those probably aren't affected.

"If a fish is going to bite on bait, you typically wouldn't have to worry about them having anything. If they're healthy enough to bite on a hook then they're probably healthy enough to eat. As far as health warnings or hazards, there is really nothing for the public to worry about," said Geiser.

Nebraska Game and Parks said the lab result will determine the cause of the fish kill which will be available within two weeks.

Nebraska Game and Parks officials said a fish kill that happened recently in Grand Island's Eagle Scout Lake is currently under investigation.

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