Nebraska Game, Parks looks to community members for ideas on Fort Kearny

Nebraska Game, Parks looks to community members for ideas on Fort Kearny (NTV News)

In the future, those visiting Kearney might have the chance to bunk like a pioneer from the Oregon Trail.

Nebraska Game and Parks invited folks out to the Younes Center in Kearney to brainstorm ideas for the Fort Kearny state historical and recreation parks.

The two parks are nearly 100 years old and park administrators said they want to continue their success in to the next century.

It is the first step in what could be a long process. Jim Swenson with Nebraska Game and Parks said they are working on revitalizing and redeveloping the two parks while utilizing what they already have.

"...Site of our outdoor expo every spring, home to some of the great crane viewing in the area, so those assets can blend themselves together tremendously and we know that we need to do a few things on the landscapes to help improve and facilitate more visitation and different varieties of visitation,” said Swenson.

Folks that came out saw maps of different areas of the two parks, lined with ideas on what could be added. Some of those additions could include a trail system or an outdoor pavilion.

"We're looking at some unique lodging opportunities at Fort Kearny, for instance kind of recreate the historic environment, we're looking to do some things such as revitalize the visitors center, expand the services at that visitors center,” said Swenson.

"To see the park system present all these ideas and what the future of the park could be is just really a great deal and I just hope that the community really appreciates it and continues to support their effort,” said Johnson Lake Resident, Steve Kemper.

Whether that support is a yay or nay, or something completely different, administrators say they are all ears.

Swenson said they are hoping to get a few priority projects accomplished in the next few years.

If you did not get a chance to come to the open meeting, you can contact the Nebraska Game and Parks offices and voice your opinions and concerns.

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