Nebraska legislature discusses budget

(NTV News)

Tensions were high in the Nebraska legislature as discussion over the budget ramped up Tuesday morning.

First up was a bill that would draw $100 million from the cash reserve into the state's general fund before the end of June.

Some senators did not like their options.

"It's time for us to tighten up our belts just like normal people do when they have difficult times and we need to do that here and we haven't done none of that,” Sen. Steve Erdman said.

“Let's be intellectually honest and not hypocritical about what we're talking about here because a budget is more than just a spreadsheet of numbers and columns. It's policy. It's people's lives. It's who we are as a state,” Sen. Adam Morfeld said.

"We have not had one substantial bill on the floor or talked about this year that has anything to do with property tax relief, reduction or adjustments,” Sen. Bob Krist said.

Krist criticized the Revenue Committee for focusing on cuts and not building revenue.

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