Nebraska officials react to president's infrastructure plan

    Gov. Pete Ricketts (Official)

    Governor Pete Ricketts attended a roundtable on infrastructure hosted by President Donald J. Trump at the White House on Monday. At the roundtable, President Trump unveiled a framework titled “Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America,” which calls for $1.5 trillion in new investment over the next 10 years in America’s infrastructure.

    “Thank you to President Trump for his commitment to investing in America’s infrastructure,” said Governor Ricketts. “In recent years, Nebraska has made significant investments in our state’s infrastructure with the Build Nebraska Act and Transportation Innovation Act. These have been critical to growing our state. The President’s focus in his plan on rural infrastructure and cutting red tape will support our ongoing work at the state level. As Congress looks at how to incentivize state investment, we urge them to give credit to the work of forward-thinking states like Nebraska who have locked in significant investments.”

    Senator Ben Sasse issued a statement regarding the White House’s infrastructure plan on Monday.

    “We need to invest in infrastructure but we have to pay our bills. Last week’s budget bill proposed spending nearly $300 billion more over two years than we were already over-spending, and now the administration is proposing a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package. Infrastructure is important – so important that we have to have an honest plan to pay for this stuff,” Sen. Sasse said.

    Senator Deb Fischer, chairman of the Surface Transportation Subcommittee, also released a statement on the announcement of President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan.

    “Since my time in the Nebraska legislature, I have worked hard to make long-term infrastructure solutions a priority. With the plan released today, the administration has put to paper some of the ideas I’ve long talked about to move important projects forward. These include: empowering states as decisions-makers in the process, reducing regulatory barriers, and streamlining the permitting process. I’m also pleased this plan makes investments in rural America that would strengthen the rural communities, which are the heart and soul of Nebraska. I look forward to working with the administration to implement these ideas that will connect families and communities, keep travelers safe, and grow our economy," Sen. Fischer said.

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