Nebraska Passport Program adds Archway to destination list

Nebraska Passport Program adds Archway to destination list (NTV News)

It's a way to get people out and exploring Nebraska - the Nebraska Passport Program has unveiled their 2018 list of destinations, and Kearney has multiple places to stop at.

The Archway is among the 70 destinations for the 2018 program.

Some places aren't necessarily the largest stops in the state, but some consider them the most unique.

Hovering just above Interstate 80, The Archway opened in 2000 as a tribute to adventurers of the Great Platte River Road.

"The most fascinating thing for me is that you start at Fort Kearny on the Oregon Trail, and you end looking out the winder over I-80 and basically you're looking at the same path," said Mark Foradori, marketing coordinator for The Archway.

Foradori said he expects more traffic throughout the year while being showcased in the program - from both out of state travelers and locals who haven't visited yet.

"And what we find out is, when people walk in the door, and they get a glimpse of what the exhibit is like, they get fascinated, they wanna go through, and whenever people go through, whether they're from Nebraska or not, they're always pleasantly surprised by what they find," Foradori said.

Roger Jasnoch from the Kearney Visitors Bureau said the program tends to keep people visiting communities they wouldn't otherwise spend as much time at.

"Basically you're turning a gas stop into a lunch stop, a lunch stop into an afternoon stop and then eventually, an afternoon stop into an overnight stay, so that's one of the goals of the program, is to be able to do that and try to see if you can get visitors to spend a little more time and a little bit more money in the community," Jasnoch said.

A few other local businesses included in the 70 destinations include Shopping Tripp's in Kearney and Mac's Creek Winery in Lexington.

"Really what's designed for the whole program is for people to experience all that makes up Nebraska unique and different, and this is the program that's gonna make that happen," said Jasnoch.

For a list of all stops and prizes for completing your passport, visit the Nebraska Passport website.

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