Nebraska property tax petition drive may begin soon

Lawmakers say that if the legislature is not be willing to do anything, maybe the people will. (NTV News)

A petition drive may begin soon, to force the issue of tax relief.

A group calling itself Reform for Nebraska's Future told NTV it is working with the Secretary of State's office on the wording for a ballot issue.

Meanwhile, Sen. Steve Erdman from the panhandle says he will introduce the plan in the legislature as well.

In his words, "common sense isn't so common" at the state capitol.

He recently told NTV, "I don't think that'll happen so we're going to do, the citizens are going to put a petition drive together and seek signatures to put it on the ballot in November of '18 and when the citizens vote to put that in place, then the legislature will be forced to make a decision."

Erdman says the proposal would provide tax credits to offset what landowners pay to fund schools. He says it would help the state's farmers and ranchers.

Governor Pete Ricketts has said it's a fantasy, that would require a billion dollars in budget cuts. Ricketts said he remains committed to tax relief, but not this plan.

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