Nebraska senator introduces resolution to allow vote on legalizing medical marijuana

Marijuana (MGN)

Senator Anna Wishart introduced LR 293 CA to bring medical cannabis before Nebraska voters in 2018. In recent years, multiple bills on the subject have received widespread support, including Sen. Wishart’s Medical Cannabis Act (LB 622) which has carried over from the previous session and is currently on general file.

The legislative resolution, if approved, would put propose following amendment to the Constitution of Nebraska on the 2018 ballot:

The people of Nebraska have the right to use or consume medical cannabis products, regardless of form, to treat or relieve any medical condition or illness, subject only to laws, rules, and regulations regarding the authority of medical professionals to recommend and dispense medical cannabis, so long as such laws, rules, or regulations preserve or facilitate the right to use or consume medical cannabis.

“I’m proud to introduce this constitutional amendment because I believe the voters of Nebraska deserve an opportunity to vote on establishing protections for medical cannabis patients. Tens of thousands of Nebraskans are needlessly suffering because they don’t have access to medical cannabis, including veterans, children, and the terminally ill. Nebraska leaders have failed to act and provide these Nebraskans and their doctors the freedom to make decisions for their patients, without fear. Nebraskans who find that cannabis eases their pain and suffering should not be forced across state lines or treated like criminals. I believe that medical cannabis is going to be a reality for Nebraska one day.

This constitutional amendment and my pending legislation carried over from last session are both common sense solutions to address this issue that enjoy support from across the political spectrum. If the legislators won’t act then I believe it is time for the voters of Nebraska to have their say. At a time when many Americans feel like our politics divide us, I know medical cannabis is one issue where most Nebraskans can agree," said Senator Wishart.

“Until you personally experience chronic pain or have a disease that doesn’t respond to conventional medication, it is easy to ignore the urgent need to legalize medical cannabis. Those of us who wake up to that reality each day don’t have the luxury of disregarding our own pain. In researching therapeutic options possibly offered by cannabis, we shouldn’t be forced to move away from Nebraska or look into remedies offered by criminal elements. When I see the problems that come from pain killer overdoses and abuse, it seems we could be doing far more to offer safe, natural, legal therapy to our citizens if at all possible," said Brenda Potratz of Lincoln.

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