Nebraska State Fair Grand Prix


Drivers took to the Hastings MPH track this weekend for the first ever Nebraska State Fair Grand Prix.

Event organizers say this is not a new collaboration in state fair history with racing at a dirt track in Lincoln years ago, but it's a new concept for the Grand Island-hosted state fair.

Key players say it's a way for fairgoers to explore the area while they're here, and a prime opportunity for the fair to potentially expand.

“I think it was a good match for the two events, and the state fair has been great to work with as far as helping put this together. Everyone's having a great time and it should be a great next couple of days,” said Charlie Bosselman, driver/state fair race promoter.

“There's a lot of other towns that are doing things, there's other towns that competed for the state fair that would love a piece of it as they learn how to properly work with Grand Island and the state fair and the fair board. They're a great group of people and they would want a super event for Nebraska, that's what they want,” said George Anderson, Hastings MPH manager.

Bosselman adds the Nebraska State Fair Grand Prix is a trial run this year and if it's received well on both sides it could become an annual event.

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