Nebraska State Fair strives to improve concert lineup

The Nebraska State Fair is bringing back its outdoor concert series in 2018 (NTV News)

Big changes may be coming to the Nebraska State Fair concert series.

They may change where concerts are held, and how many they put on.

A competitive spirit fills the state fair board room. Fair leaders want to have the best concert lineup in the state.

Under new director Lori Cox, the philosophy is to look 18 to 24 months out, trying to find the artists they want, for a series that may look a little different.

Cox said, “One of the things we are exploring is certainly where the concerts are located. This is the outdoor concert we're talking about. Do we go all in, all out? I think the general condition is go all outside. What does that look like? How many concerts do we have?”

Also starting in 2019, they plan to bundle concerts together so fans can get a package deal and go to several shows for a discounted price.

Tickets will also be sold individually, for those who prefer to buy tickets that way.

Those changes are for next year. They want to get a jump now, trying to book acts sooner.

This year’s headliners are Kelly Clarkson and Sugarland.

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