Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts hold 45th annual conference in Kearney

Nebraska's Natural Resources District holds 45th annual conference in Kearney. (NTV News)

Over 400 people are at the Younes Conference Center for the Nebraska Association of Natural Resources Districts Conference.

Farmers, ranchers and natural resource experts gathered for their annual conference focusing on the protection of Nebraska's state water and soil.

The Nebraska Association of Natural Resources Districts (NARD) is holding their 45th conference to help inform the public about conservation efforts in Nebraska.

"The NRD's sole purpose is to protect lives and property and the economy of the state of Nebraska as it relates to groundwater," said Nebraska Association of Resources Districts President Jim Bendfeldt.

The 23 NRDs have a main goal to protect the use of natural resources now and in the future.

"I want to protect what I have as a farmer and what my son has and what my father and grandfather had. I want to protect that and I want to maintain it. That's what the NRD system is all about," Bendfeldt said.

One woman who is a part of an NRD in Hartington said they work with those wanting to learn how to help with the protection of resources that we need to live.

"In that area, we work to conserve our natural resources and to help producers do the same and we also work to manage water quantity and water quality," said NRD member Annette Sudbeck.

NARD's President said they have been recognized nationally and internationally because of the success.

"I'm very well involved with the request from other states all across the nation for our director or staffers or myself to go and explain the NRD system because it is so successful," Bendfeldt said.

The conference runs through Tuesday in Kearney.

Anyone can register at the main entrance upon arrival. Click here for more information.

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