Need for affordable housing topic of meet and greet movie screening

Need for affordable housing topic of meet and greet movie screening. (NTV News)

Kearney Housing Authority hosted a movie night meet and greet on Thursday night to shed light on the need for affordable homes.

Officials at the event say their largest waiting list in Kearney is over 400 families-that's just for those who are living on low incomes that the agency can't help because there's not enough affordable housing.

As part of a comprehensive plan, the city of Kearney did a housing study; which from the findings may prompt future action down the road.

"Some people are renting or purchasing a home they can't afford and so there's a need for assistance with that , some people just strictly don't have a place to live at all so just need to get in on the ground level," said Kearney Housing Authority's Executive Director Carrie Hadage. "We do see that, we have families that come into our agency who are homeless or near homeless because they're not able to pay for their rent or mortgage."

"Moving forward it sounds like the planning commission is, sounds like they're going to recommend coming in with a task force to look at some of the opportunities that we could address noted in that study," said City of Kearney Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno.

The housing study can be found on the City of Kearney's website.

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