New Centura superintendent brings unique background to lead district

Ryan Ruhl is superintendent of Centura Public Schools (NTV News)

A school at the center of life in not one but three communities welcomes a new leader.

From the basketball court to the chemistry lab now to the superintendent’s office, Ryan Ruhl’s career has seen one constant.

“We need to make the best choices what is best for kids,” he said.

The long time educator is now a first time superintendent at Centura Public Schools, where he hopes to help the district rise to a new level.

He said, “How can we put these puzzle pieces together to improve Centura. We always want to go up in test scores, we always want to improve our extracurricular activities, we also want our budget to look a lot better. Everybody wants that, so we're going to work collaboratively.”

That means collaboration not just with stakeholders in one community, but three who act as one.

“If we ask a student here, they're not going to say they're from Cairo, Boelus, Dannebrog. Which they may be. They're going to say Centura. Which that's the great thing, the school is the focus point of all the communities,” he said.

Ruhl believes there is something different about consolidated districts, and he would know, spending the last 20 years at a pair of similar schools.

“Centennial was the same year Centura became a consolidated district, Norris before them. They kind of all have that same blueprint,” he said.

Teachers say the school is the hub of life for all three communities.

Guidance counselor Kay Carpenter said, “When I came here 5 years ago, it was like 'oh my gosh, I'm home.' There's something different about small towns that feed into a school district and we have a lot of great things going on here.”

Rule says the superintendent’s job isn’t easy; There are new state educational standards, plus legislative mandates to address dating violence and suicide, all while staying in the budget.

But says it all comes down to kids.

“Happy to bring our family here, can't wait.”

Ruhl and his wife have three kids.

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