New ethanol pumps in St. Paul expand fuel options

Aurora Cooperative cuts the ribbon on new ethanol pumps on Sept. 7, 2018 (NTV News)

Farmers encourage Nebraskans to put more ethanol in their cars, and new gas pumps make that easier.

Aurora Cooperative celebrated the grand opening of new ethanol pumps in St. Paul on Friday.

The farmer-owned company is a partner in an ethanol plant, and also sells ethanol to consumers.

The CEO says he'd like 20 percent of the fuel used in Nebraska to be homegrown.

Chris Vincent said, “We should be hitting a 20 percent blend wall here in Nebraska, saying the percentage of gasoline we pump and burn in our cars, we should lead the nation. We're trying to do that at Aurora, lead the charge, how important it is, ethanol sales.”

The Nebraska Corn Board encourages convenience stores to add blender pumps, allowing customers to use different amounts of ethanol from 10 percent up to 85 percent.

Bill Schuster, a farmers and chairman of the co-op’s board of directors says ethanol has been a good market for local farmers, and he enjoys growing corn knowing it’ll become fuel to use in his vehicles.

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