New exhibit in Dawson County celebrates diversity

An exhibit that brings together folks from all backgrounds. (NTV News)

An exhibit is encouraging people to look past skin and highlight our common threads in Dawson County.

On Sunday afternoon banners previewed the “Looking Past Skin: Our Common Threads” exhibit telling a story with pictures showing how Dawson County is celebrating its diversity.

The exhibit brings together people from all backgrounds.

"And it's connecting our history to what is going on today and saying it’s been going on all along,” said Dawson County Historical Museum Crystal Werger.

Kim Matthews, co-creator of the exhibit, gave a preview of what the exhibit would look like by showing people the pictures at the museum.

"This is the translation of the community coming up and saying here's what life in Lexington is like now. Here's what's working really well and here’s the solutions and here is some of the stuff that is still not working and some of the stuff that is challenges,” Matthews said.

Matthews said she wanted to give the community an up-close visual.

"One of the things that we realized was that there was no community health data, there was no way to kind of show the rest of the state and show the rest of the nation,” Matthew said.

Other parts of this project included a photo voice study and a survey asking people in Lexington about their communities.

"Part of what you will see in this exhibit is that people in Lexington, the new residents, the people that have just moved here over the past few years love Lexington,” Matthews said.

The museum officials hope to educate people about new cultures coming into their community.

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