New fire hall gives Roseland double the space

New fire hall opens in Roseland (NTV News)

Roseland has a brand new fire hall, with nearly twice the space to work with than before, all without raising taxes on residents.

After fundraising and partnering with the Adams County Bank, the new facility opened at the end of February and firefighters have already been called out to a few situations.

This new fire hall will provide for nearly 250 people in 92 square miles.

Three years ago, the Roseland Volunteer Fire Department decided they needed an upgrade. Now, a building almost twice the size as the last, stands off highway 74 and Meade Avenue.

The project cost just shy of $850,000.

"One of our goals as a board, we did not want to raise taxes on our patrons and we have done that, we have not had to raise our levy. We're able to service our debt with what we've got in savings plus our annual donations that we receive,” said Kirk Feeney. Feeney is the Secretary Treasurer of the Roseland Rural Fire Protection District board.

Feeney said the space they have now is the number one upgrade. He said they can do more in-house training and even use the building for communal events.

"So now we can have functions here, people can use it for baby showers or rehearsal dinners, you know, school reunions or whatever and they're able to use it now, we're ADA compliant so folks can get in here you know, and be a part of community wide festivities,” said Feeney.

One attendee from the open house, Maggie Sommer, said this new building is just what the department and the community needs.

"Oh I just think it's putting us in... It's bringing us into the future, it's bringing us modern, it's updating us and hopefully we can do the same with other places in the community and that's what we're trying to do so,” said Sommer.

Feeney told NTV News that they still have improvements to make, like landscape work and a new tanker truck. However, he said they are also in need of more volunteers.

"We're just looking for somebody that's gonna show up. You don't have to know everything out of the gate, we'll teach you. You know, as long as you're teachable, trainable, we'll get you there. Same with the EMT's. We'll pay for the class, there's a class out at CCC, we'll pay for it to go through it and then you take the test and then you're a part of our EMT squad,” said Feeney.

If you missed out on Sundays open house, the department is hosting a hamburger feed fundraiser in July.

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