New initiatives coming to Hastings College Fall 2019

    New initiatives coming to Hastings College Fall 2019

    The way traditional learning has been at one local college is about to change.

    This as Hastings College unveils new changes coming to the school in the fall of 2019.

    "I was kind of up in the air at first, I think change is exciting and change can be very beneficial,” said Michaela Bailey, a sophomore at Hastings College.

    Some of the changes include implementing more technology, the way classes will be scheduled, along with making sure every student has the chance to study abroad.

    "These three initiatives present a powerful new way for Hastings college, but more important how to think about education in the 21st century," said the 17th president for Hastings College, Travis Feezell.

    All of this to help enhance the student experience on and off campus.

    "So we will have a 16 week semester, with one seven week term and two seven week term within that semester. So in the fall we will start with the two week, then a seven week and seven week. Then in the spring term we will start with the seven week, put the two weeks in the middle, and then another seveb week,” said the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Barbara Sunderman.

    During the two week terms, administration says while students can get two credit opportunities in the classroom, they want to be able to push all students to study abroad.

    "What if every student could get away from campus and could do that at no cost? So we announce today that every student will get to study abroad away from campus at no cost," Feezell said.

    This experience something Feezell says will provide students with a more global perspective.

    Along with this, they're also pushing students to engage more with technology by providing both an Ipad and Apple pencil.

    "Because research does indicate that writing down ideas and drawing onto paper supports active learning in ways typing doesn't. So I think the apple pencil combined with the apple pro truly makes digital paper a reality,” said director of information technology, Patty Kingsley.

    All of this in order to cater to the needs of students in this generation.

    “If we think about our students, frankly they have not lived in a world where they didn't have the internet, wasn't digitized, they didn't have the opportunity to connect and collaborate in another medium. We need to recognize and embrace that, so putting this in the hands of our students heightens that and then prepares them for life after Hastings college where they will be existing in a digitalized world," Feezell said.

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