Nonprofit feels the squeeze of state budget cuts, creates new holiday fundraiser

Nonprofit creates new holiday fundraiser, feels the squeeze of state budget cuts
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One organization that helps those struggling with alcoholism and addiction is making new fundraising traditions.

Saturday evening, the Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addiction (CNCAA) hosted Winter Wonderland- the first annual dinner and show.

They say it's an effort to help those understand what going through addiction is like.

The holiday event was filled with talk and laughter. With dinner, auctions and an illusion show by Joshua Jordan.

For 50 years the Central Nebraska Council on Alcoholism and Addiction providing resources for the community to fight addiction.

"When there's addiction in the family, the holiday season can be hard and so this gives our guests a way to understand the role of addiction is during the holiday season. But it also gives those in recovery a time to come and celebrate together," Sandy Yager, Development Coordinator for CNCAA said.

One of those recovering at the event was Trevor Stryker who is eleven years sober.

His relationship with his, then, two step children were hard when he was taking his first steps toward sobriety. (The two on the outside)

"They had to deal with my irritability and some of the things that...alcohol is a coping mechanism for some people. And when you take that away, we have to develop different coping skills. I was so new in my recovery that I hadn't necessarily developed my coping skills," Stryker said.

He put his now adopted kids through a Kids Power program to educate them on how to deal with family members who battle with addiction.

Stryker is amazed at the resources the organization provides and has gotten involved with them.

"They're not just the office on 2nd street. They go into schools, they go into the community and provide education and prevention on so many aspects of substance abuse," Stryker said.

Though opioid addiction hasn't hit Nebraska as hard as other states, according to the non profit the preventative programs are necessary.

"The need is still there, and the need is growing," Connie Holmes, Executive Director of CNCAA said.

If they don't make progress, it could mean they're going backward.

"Our prevention efforts are the best we can do with what we are given but we usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to funding," Holmes said.

And they can't compete with the drug companies that have more money for advertising.

"Now it's about maintaining. But we have dreams we want to accomplish too. And places we want to go. So this fundraiser is one of those attempt so we can continue to move forward," Homes said hopefully.

The nonprofit is hoping to make this extra effort of fundraising an annual tradition to keep supporting those battling addiction - so to not move backwards.

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