Noon Year's Eve party brings kid friendly New Year's celebration

Noon Year's Eve party brings kid friendly New Year's celebration (NTV News)

The new year came a little early for parents and families in Kearney as the Kearney public library hosted its Noon Year's Eve event to give younger kids a chance to celebrate the new year without having to stay up till midnight.

Starting five years ago, the Noon Year's Eve party is a family friendly party at noon on the 31st that was started to help kids feel involved in new years celebrations that normally take place after bedtime.

"I think the kids often see that mom and dad are going out to do something fun and they wonder why they don't get to. So we thought it would be fun to have an age appropriate event that the whole family can enjoy. We get grandparents to come, everybody laughs and smiles it's a great time," said Shawna Lindner the Youth Librarian at Kearney Public Library.

The event features a live DJ, snacks, dancing, limbo contest and other activities to keep the kids entertained.

All of those extra activities are what make the event so appealing to parents.

Julie Tveit has been taking her kids to the event for four years and says she loves that her kids can celebrate and wear themselves out before parents like her celebrate later in the evening.

"The library always does super good with family friendly and free and especially this time of day. 11 to noon is perfect, most kids are not napping they are ready for some kind of activity, this is really a busy activity. It really burns a lot of energy so hopefully they can nap later and take some kind of a break and the parents can really enjoy their evenings with kids still feeling involved," said Tveit.

The Noon Year's Eve party isn't just a good chance for kids to celebrate and burn some energy, but it also helps them get a better understanding of why we celebrate the new year.

"well we have been coming for four years now and every year its just one of those ways the kids can understand what a new year is. Its hard when they are this young to decide what a change it is and how it all culminates together," said Tviet.

In its fifth year the Noon Year's Eve party was another success with over 140 kids showing up to limbo and dance and enjoy snacks despite the sour weather. With it being another successful year the library plans to continue the event for future noon year eve party goers.

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