NTV Weather fan meets Kent Boughton

NTV Weather fan meets Kent Boughton (NTV News)

Tuesday afternoon, a big fan of NTV's weather team had the chance to meet NTV's own Kent Boughton.

"Hey Kent Boughton? How's the weather been?" said 20-year-old Holden Wolfteich.

"Beautiful. Yesterday, it was really nice," said Boughton.

Holden lives at Mosaic Bethphage Village in Axtell.

He has lived there for two years and every night he tunes in to NTV.

Holden and Kent sat down to talk about interests, but one thing they both like is the weather.

"We've got a guy named Holden that loves the weather and you like watching the weather. What's your favorite kind of season?" said Boughton.

"Fall and summer and winter," said Wolfteich.

"And what do you like about those seasons?" asked Boughton.

"The leaves fall off the trees," said Wolfteich.

After Holden's interview, they decided he would come for a tour of the studio to check out the weather center for himself.

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