Old K-Mart building welcomes Marshalls, Petsmart to Kearney

Old K-Mart building welcomes Marshalls, Petsmart to Kearney (NTV News)

An empty building in Kearney that housed the old K-Mart will soon welcome four new shops and a fast food restaurant.

Marshalls and PetSmart are two of the confirmed tenants in the re-developed building bringing jobs and business to the City of Kearney.

"We worked with a developer with a number of concepts to try to maximize the site," said Kearney's Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno.

He says even with around 30,000 people living in Kearney, others come from other areas to shop.

"We're so predominantly reliant on sales tax. Retail is very important to the City of Kearney. The reason we do that is because we have a large retail poll because of the university, medical services, all the industry that's going on here in Kearney and economic development we draw a lot of people to our community," said Briseno.

He says the project for both Marshalls and PetSmart will cost a total of around $1.6 million, all paid for by the developer.

The new stores are set to open sometime this fall.

“I look every year and I think how much more can obtain and then Kearney always surprises me. We are always growing either residential, commercial and industrial. I think that has to do a lot with the leaders including the city within this community because we are always looking forward for the next greatest thing," said Briseno.

The city is still waiting for two other tenants and a fast food restaurant to fill the remaining space of the building.

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