Omaha writer says Nebraskans need options in governor's race

Saturday, Krystal Gabel announced she will challenge Governor Pete Ricketts for the Republican bid in the 2018 Nebraska Republican Primary. (

Omaha writer Krystal Gable is taking on Governor Pete Ricketts in the gubernatorial primary.

“I’m putting myself out there as a young person, as a woman, as someone who is a forward thinking person in this state just to bring some different options to the citizens who live here in Nebraska,” she said.

Gabel hopes to bring industrial hemp into Nebraska as a new tax source to help combat high property taxes. NTV met up with Gable as she gathered signatures to get cannabis on the ballot in Grand Island Friday.

She also sees cannabis as a potential solution to the rising cost of health care. Gabel says medical marijuana could lessen Nebraska’s dependence on prescription drugs.

Gabel says prison reform could start at the county level by keeping non-violent pot offenders out of jail. She said by regulating medical marijuana and hemp the state could get additional revenue to rehabilitate inmates in prisons.

Gable said she wants people to think differently about what it means to be republican. The longtime independent said she switched parties to reach more people in conservative Nebraska.

State Senator Bob Krist, a republican, has announced he’ll switch parties and attempt to run for governor as a third-party candidate in the general election.

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