O'Neill community members protest multiple ICE raids


    Around 75 community members in O'Neill came together in front of the Holt County Courthouse on Wednesday afternoon to protest multiple ICE raids in Nebraska.

    People held signs saying, "These are our kid too," "This country was built on immigrants," and "We all started as immigrants."

    The organizer for the protest, Bryan Corkle, says he wants lawmakers to take a step back to realize what they are doing to the families.

    Corkle says what happened does not represent the town of O'Neill which was built by immigrants.

    "O'Neill, Nebraska is a community founded by an Irish immigrant population. We are proud of that rich heritage. This is an opportunity for us to stand-up for our immigrants today. These are members of our community. These are our families and these are our kids," said Corkle.

    Corkle is hoping the protest will help get the attention of local lawmakers to help in achieving comprehensive immigration reform.

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