Ord couple says lost of power during April snow storm created concerns for their feedlot

Ord couple says lost of power during April snow storm created concerns for their feedlot

Crews have been working to get things back to normal after a winter storm took out power weeks ago.

"This whole line this way, probably stood 35 poles, I suppose in total. We had to put new poles in," said Loup Valley Rural Power Assistant Manager Ron Sandoz.

Heavy snow, ice, and strong winds.

That’s what many saw this April as a spring blizzard blasted through the Cornhusker State.

"I thought maybe we could lose electricity but didn't realize it could be a several day outage," said Ord resident Kay Knapp.

For husband and wife, Kay and Jay Knapp, they say they were out of power for three days.

"I was worried about the freezer and refridgerator stuff spoiling so that was a concern," Kay said.

However, the Knapps say it wasn't just the stuff in their fridge they were concerned about, but the cattle in their feedlot.

"Our challenge in the feedlot is getting enough water to the cattle. Obviously they're not drinking enough which helps, but water is very important," Jay said.

The couple said when they lose power they are not able to pump water, feed cattle, or keep the fences hot.

"In the old days we had windmills, so the wind would blow you your water, but not so much anymore," Jay said.

Loup Valley Rural Public Power said they've been working as hard as they can to repair all the remaining power lines that fell down, and work on the ones that are still slanted.

"This will probably be like, we will be working on this through the summer; we will be finding things. We need to get the neutrals up as soon as we can. It's not a safe condition but it can be that way for a while,” said Loup Valley Rural Power General Manger Chuck Fuhrer.

But despite all that happened, the Knapps said they did learn one thing.

"We need at least two generators, we did have one fail so it’s good to have a spare."

Last week Senator Deb Fischer along with Senator Ben Sasse and other state representatives wrote a letter to the President supporting Governor Pete Ricketts' request for a major disaster declaration.

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