Palmer community welcomes home Special Olympian

Palmer community welcomes home Special Olympian (NT V News)

Community members in Palmer welcomed home one of their own on Saturday, with a surprise celebration for Special Olympian Wyatt Bader.

Wyatt has been in the Special Olympics ever since he was 8 years old. Now at age 21, he's a four-time Special Olympic gold medalist.

The community of Palmer lined the streets to welcome Wyatt home from his trip to the Special Olympics in Seattle.

Community members have called Wyatt an absolute morale booster.

Wyatt won for gold medals in power-lifting.

"This would be for my squat. This would be for bench, and this would be for deadlift, and the last one is for the combination over all, I got this one," Wyatt said.

Wyatt's coaches said all his hard work has paid off, saying when it came to training, he never gave up.

"Last year he went to the state game and he did the same thing he did in nationals, he won all of the events plus the all around so we gave him five or six months off and I think we started training three months before this competition started," said coach Hunter Reimers.

Wyatt and his mother Crissy were engulfed in hugs when they arrived home, and Crissy said she couldn't be more proud of her son.

She said there was one thing he struggled with when it came to preparing for the big competition.

"Giving up pop. He likes food but he had to watch what he ate and he got up at 6 every morning to train before he went to his job," Crissy said.

As for what's in Wyatt's future, he said he'll continue power-lifting and he hopes to add a few new sports like flag football and bocce ball to his list of hobbies.

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