Pawlidays means free animals from Grand Island shelter

Pawlidays means free animals from Grand Island shelter. (NTV News)

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is over, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts. One organization is helping your pockets and giving you a forever friend.

Forget a black Friday sales - this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The Central Nebraska Humane Society is waiving all adoption fees this weekend.

"It could be an early Christmas present for a dog that needs a home or a family that just needs that companion at home," Chasity Cross, Executive Director at CNHS said.

With over 40 dogs and 40 cats up for adoption, they are celebrating an event called the Pawlidays.

"Even if an animal has been given up or an animal is here, regardless of the age, they can be your best friend- they can be that constant companion,” Cross said.

North Shore Animal League and teamed up to cover the adoptions costs. And it's not just cats and dogs.

"We actually have two mice right now. We have guinea pigs almost always, and we also have a rabbit right now. So, if there's any little critters that people are wanting, we got them too," Maggie Cates, shelter manager said.

She said these adoptions will help them out because they're so overpopulated with animals.

But not so fast - you still have to go through a background check and the adoption process.

"We're very particular. We want to make sure that everybody is current on their vaccines that a new animal is going home to,” Cates said. “You just want to makes sure that they're going to the right kind of home- it needs to be the right fit. A lot of people, sometimes during the holidays you want to come get a puppy- but we just want to make sure that it's a lifetime thing," she said.

A forever friend is a lot of responsibility.

For Amanda Macke, she said it's about providing a better life for them.

"We have adopted four, including Sabrina here. Sabrina will be our fourth," she said. "It makes my heart super sad to see all of these animals that may not get a home and that have had rough lives already," Macke said.

She said adoption is the way to go.

"They may have had a rough life already, but they are all wanting homes and they are not being produced just for you to have a pet, but they're here and they want a home, they steal your heart-they really do," Macke said.

The CNHS said all adoptable animals are up to date on vaccines.

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