People gather in protest of ICE operations in Nebraska

People gather in protest of ICE operations in Nebraska (NTV News)

People in Grand Island gathered in protest after more than 100 people were arrested as part of a federal operation targeting businesses using illegal workers. Many remember the ICE raid back in 2006 that took more than 250 people from the Swift packing plant in Grand Island.

They gathered Wednesday evening for a silent protest in support of those families just hours away.

Many held signs in support of keeping families together and making a change in government while they wait for more information after 133 undocumented immigrants were arrested in O'Neill

"The laws need to change, they really do. It's horrible," said Danielle Helzer, a protester.

Helzer has worked with undocumented immigrants throughout her career. She said when she heard of Wednesdays arrests, her first thought was fear.

"I can't imagine what that does to a community. I can't imagine what that does to families, what that does to schools. So yeah, that's why we're here," Helzer said.

Helzer said there's been a heightened awareness in the community for the past few months regarding ICE.

"This is two hours from home. These are people that come to our community, too. It definitely makes it more pressing and something that you just can't ignore anymore."

"You know, that i'm sorry and that there are people here that really care about them as people, as humans, no matter their legal status and there are people that care about their kids as well."

Protesters made their way to the Grand Island jail and to the detention center.

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