Petitioners hope to get 5 ballot measures in front of Nebraska voters

Petitions have a long history in Nebraska. Since 1912 the process has address a number of issues, from solider bonuses, to budget limits and even seat belt laws. (MGN Online)

Petitions have a long history in Nebraska. Since 1912, the process has addressed a number of issues, from soldier bonuses, to budget limits and even seat belt laws.

Currently, there are five petitions circulating to get measures in front of voters. With each signature, these petitions give Nebraskans the power to create, repeal or amend laws and even the state constitution.

It's one of our fundamental rights in our democracy, and in Nebraska the ability to petition our government plays a more important role than in other states.

"Especially in Nebraska, where the people are called the second house, since we just have a unicameral. This is an important part of the process for voters and registered voters to speak their minds and put things on to the ballot that are important to them," said Deputy Secretary of State for the elections division Wayne Bena.

Below are the five petitions seeking a spot on the November ballot:

To get on the ballot, each of these initiatives needs to collect signatures from seven percent of registered Nebraska voters, or about 85,000 people.

The Right to Cannabis Petition is a constitutional amendment that would give Nebraskans the right to possess and use any cannabis plant. This petition would need support from 10 percent of registered voters, or roughly 120,000 signatures.

All signatures must be turned in to the Secretary of State's Office by July 5. Then, those signatures will be sent to county election offices to be verified. That process should take about 30 days, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

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