Ravenna's new library open for business

    Ravenna's new library open for business. (NTV News)

    Despite years of planning and more recently construction delays, a new project in Ravenna has now become a reality and is open to the public.

    From just over 2,000 square feet to now 7,300 square feet, the new Ravenna library is now open to serve those in the community.

    Officials say the new ADA compliant building can now more easily bring in those who may not have been able to use the old Carnegie library, and since opening on August 1st has garnered more visitors than what might have been in the past.

    "Nobody likes change," said Ravenna Mayor Peg Dethlefs. "But like with the ADA they have to make it ADA accessible now and i've heard nothing but good comments from people who have been here and people who haven't been here eager to see it ."

    "On our first day that we were open we had I believe a hundred 75 people in and sometimes that's a good week for us" said Ravenna Library Director Karrie Huryta. "And so in 3 1/2 days we had 375 people, so we've been busy."

    A grand opening will be held on Sunday, Aug. 26 complete with a ribbon cutting.

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