Ricketts focuses on property tax relief in final days of legislative session

(NTV News)

With just days left in the 2018 legislative session, Governor Pete Ricketts is focusing on working with state senators to get some important things done.

NTV News caught up with Ricketts on Friday during his stop in Central Nebraska where he stressed the importance working with the Legislature.

"We’ve been able to work with the Legislature to accomplish many things for the people of Nebraska," Ricketts said. "We’ve obviously got more work to do – it would be completely unacceptable for the Legislature not to pass property tax relief two years in a row now, but we have worked with the Legislature to be able to get these things done."

Ricketts also spoke about the current property tax bill that he's supporting in the Legislature.

"We need to remember that we didn’t get to this situation overnight, it’s been a period of a dozen years that this has developed over, and we’re not going to get out of it overnight either," Ricketts said of the current property tax situation.

"LB947 is the only tax relief package that fits within the budget and doesn’t raise taxes," Ricketts said. "It makes that commitment to property tax relief and as I said, over 10 years would be over a $4.5 billion package with the property tax credit relief fund as well, so this is a package that we can manage within the budget, it’s absolutely deliverable. We’d always like we be able to do more, but you cannot raise taxes on one group of people to pay the property tax relief on another, that’s called a tax shift – that’s not tax relief, and that’s what the other bills out there are essentially doing."

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