Road construction brings need for safe driving

    Road Construction brings need for safe driving (NTV News)

    There are some things that Nebraskans have to deal with every summer, one of the most inconvenient of which is road work.

    This year crews have been out and about fixing and resurfacing roads all over Nebraska.

    Interstate 80, Highway 6, Highway 281 and many other major Nebraska roadways are seeing roadwork and lane closures.

    With the extra work being done, drivers need to be careful to make sure they are maintaining safe driving habits with the extra people on the road.

    "Often times the lanes are restricted in road construction. Normally a two lane road becomes a one lane road and the workers may be working close to traffic in the cone area. We just ask that you slow down to an appropriate speed and then continue on the road through that road construction area," said Nebraska State Patrol Troop-C Commander Jeromy McCoy.

    Accidents involving road crews can often be deadly, according to the most recent information from the Nebraska Department of Transportation 2016 had 13 accidents involving road crew workers, 8 of which ended in a fatality.

    While its an inconvenience, the State Patrol said Nebraska motorists have been doing a great job so far this summer driving safely around road crews. Trooper McCoy spoke of how so far in Central Nebraska there have been no accidents involving road crew members so far this year.

    McCoy says often times it is inconsiderate behavior from drivers that cause these traffic problems, rather than dangerous driving or speeding.

    "Sometimes we have problems with merging especially on the interstate. Merging from two lanes down to one lane. Just being courteous and not giving truck drivers enough room to stop should they need to cutting large vehicles off or following too closely and cutting into a construction zone," said McCoy.

    The Nebraska State Patrol wants to encourage all drivers to be alert and courteous when around construction, not only is it the correct way to drive but it also helps drivers avoid the increased penalties for breaking the law in a construction zone.

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