Rural crisis center hosts stuffed animal, donation drive for clients

Rural crisis center hosts stuffed animal, donation drive for clients. (NTV News)

Sometimes a teddy bear or stuffed animal means a lot in the healing process to help clients cope with issues stemming from domestic and sexual violence, bullying and other abuse and neglect.

"Healing Hearts and Families" crisis and educational services center in Broken Bow is hosting a bear drive to give to their clients as they need them. While they will collect teddy bears and other stuffed toys, monetary donations help fund extra services to help pay for things like food or medications their clients may need.

Those at the organization say this program started in October during Domestic Violence Awareness month but has been extended through the holidays.

"Kids, sometimes it can get kind of traumatic, it can get kind of chaotic, it can get kinda unnerving during the holidays because everybody is so stressed etcetera," said Healing Hearts and Families Executive Director Sue Ellen Koepke. "So we decided to keep it going because they just might need that teddy bear just to give them a hug or to give a hug to and just say, 'You know what, I'm really having a rotten day,' and you can tell a teddy bear. They don't share."

Healing Hearts and Families serves eight counties in rural Nebraska including Blaine, Custer, Greeley, Sherman, Valley, Loup, Garfield and Wheeler counties.

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