Sasse reacts to premium hike announced by Medica


Medica has announced an increase in premium rates, according to a press release from U.S. Senator Ben Sasse. The announcement said that Medica would increase premium rates for the individual insurance market in Nebraska by an average of 31 percent in 2018. Medica will be the only insurance company offering ObamaCare coverage in Nebraska next year.

Sasse released the following statement following the announcement:

“Today’s news is a disaster. As long as ObamaCare is on the books, Nebraska families are going to continue to suffer. Medica’s fifteen-times-the-rate-of-inflation price hike is a perfect example of ObamaCare’s cruel dilemma: the law forces families to buy insurance from the only company left, and then the law makes that insurance crazy expensive. Big insurance companies with Washington lobbyists don’t suffer but families here in Nebraska sure do.”

Medica told NTV News "that the rate increase is based on the assumption that the federal government will not be paying cost sharing reductions next year."

Attached is the press release from Medica showing examples of various cost scenarios.

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