Scotts Bluff County repairing rain-damaged roads

File photo (MGN Online/PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay)

Scotts Bluff County authorities are working on gravel and other roads damaged by heavy rain over the weekend.

Around 7 miles of roads were still closed Monday. County highway superintendent Linda Grummert says clay will be used to repair road grades, and more gravel will be spread as well.

More than 9 inches of rain fell on rural areas south of Gering.

School officials say up to an estimated 150,000 gallons had to be pumped from Gering High School boiler room. The rainwater got in through utility tunnels created for renovations at the school. Workers labored through the weekend so school could be opened Monday.

County commissioners are considering seeking a disaster declaration to see whether the state and federal government can help pay for the repairs.

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