Secret recipe comes with purchase of Indianola pizza place

Secret recipe comes with purchase of Indianola pizza place (NTV News)

A restaurant in southwest Nebraska that has attracted customers from near and far is now up for sale.

Carol and Dave Felseth, owners of the Rocket Inn in Indianola told NTV News it's time to step down as they get ready to look toward retirement.

It's a popular place in for pizza in the area, according to the owners.

"The recipe is what it's all about," Dave said.

They said their location has been around for several decades.

"We're the fourth owners in several years so that tells you something about the business," Dave said.

But what is it that makes their pizza so special?

The Felseths said it's a taste of Italy with every bite.

"An Italian war bride brought the recipe over and married a hometown boy, and the recipe has been here ever since," Dave said.

The Felseths said the ingredients they use in their pizza pies are unique.

"The hot sauce is part of the original pizza recipe," Dave said.

They even top their pizzas with sauerkraut.

Carol said they also attribute their success to the high quality service they provide.

"We have excellent employees and they know its really important to us to treat their customers with respect and ensure that they want to come back again, and we try to maintain a family orientation," Carol said.

The Felseths said they have a couple of prospects who are looking to take over the business, but as they look to sell, they said there is one thing making the deal sweeter.

They'll give the next owners the original pizza recipe so they can keep the tradition going.

"We really want that for the community, someone that appreciates the tradition and wants to continue this small-town tradition that we have," Carol said.

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