New program aims to make Nebraska communities more inclusive

Seeding Civity in Hastings (NTV News)

A program to help community engagement is hoping to make central Nebraska communities more inclusive.

The Center for Rural Affairs presented the Seeding Civity Program in Hastings on Tuesday.

The program featured speakers Malka Kopell and Palma Strand, they focused on connecting community leaders and businesses with under represented members of the community.

Supporters of the program pointed out that often times communities forget about minority groups when it comes to civic engagement.

"Many times we think of ethnic diversity as the only thing that may be diverse in our community. But from ethnic diversity to the age gaps one of the things i want to create is a opportunity for people to come together and start asking themselves, who have we not heard from? What can we change and what needs to change?" Carlos Barcenas with the Center for Rural Affairs said.

Staff working with the program said that while central Nebraska is home to many diverse communities, these communities struggle when it comes to including under represented groups.

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