Sen. Deb Fischer to question Facebook CEO on mishandled data

(NTV News)

Nebraska U.S. Senator Deb Fischer will be part of a Senate committee that will hold a hearing with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg on Tuesday.

Lawmakers are demanding answers from Zuckerberg after a data firm with ties to President Donald Trump's campaign mishandled data from millions of Facebook users.

Zuckerberg will answer questions about the privacy issues on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Facebook admits that personal data was harvested by cambridge analytica - a political consulting data firm... With ties to the trump campaign.

Christopher Wylie, the firm's former director of research turned whistleblower, can't say how the data was used.

Fischer said she will ask Zuckerburg how the company made decisions that would allow user data to be misused.

"Who did they give it to, who did they sell it to? Then, if they can follow up on how that was used by whomever they sold it to. We need to know where our private information has gone. They should be held responsible for that," Fischer said.

Zuckerberg said Facebook is taking steps to protect user data.

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