Sen. Sasse blasts RNC over Roy Moore donation

Sen. Ben Sasse

Senator Ben Sasse is criticizing a decision by the Republican National Committee to once again send funds to the Roy Moore campaign.

Moore is running for Senate in Alabama, and has been accused of several incidents of sexual misconduct with teenage girls years ago.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Sasse blasted the RNC.

“This is a bad decision and very sad day. I believe the women--and RNC previously did too. What's changed? Or is the party just indifferent?” he said. "This sends a terrible message to victims: 'It’s not that the party won't believe you if you come forward. It might. But just doesn't care.’”

“A political party must be about more than expediency. To have any future, a party must have some fundamental convictions and commitments,” wrote Sasse. “If the political committee that I'm a part of (the NRSC) decides to contribute here, I will no longer be a donor to or fund-raiser for it.”

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