Senator Sasse takes criticism of ABA to Committee hearing

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Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is taking his criticism of the American Bar Association to a committee hearing.

It's after they gave Nebraska Attorney Steven Grasz a "not qualified" rating.

Grasz was nominated to fill a vacancy in the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by President Donald Trump.

Senator Sasse said the ABA is hiding their bias at the meeting on Thursday.

"You have first amendment rights and you should use them. What's not ok is being a liberal advocacy organization and be masquerading as a neutral objective evaluator of these judicial candidates," Senator Ben Sasse said.

The ABA review cited Steve Grasz's personal bias as a cause for concern.

The federal judiciary committee chair of ABA was at the hearing and dismissed claims of bias.

"We're not here to become a political arm of anybody but we do want to have an exhaustive peer evaluation and if you choose to ignore it, you ignore it,” Chair of ABA Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary Pamela Bresnahan said. “This is a process that's gone on for 60 years and we think we get it right most of the time."

Grasz was recommended by both Nebraska Senators Sasse and Deb Fischer.

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