Several attend Angel of Hope vigil at Kearney Cemetery

    Several attend Angel of Hope vigil at Kearney Cemetery. (NTV News)

    An annual vigil continues to give grieving parents who have lost children due to death an opportunity to support one another.

    Several gathered at a special monument at the Kearney Cemetery on Thursday night for the Angel of Hope vigil.

    It's held on December 6th every year.

    Organizers say its a place for them to try to find peace and hope in their grief, but also add they have seen more people tonight than in the past few years.

    "The thing it tells me the most is that people are willing to come out and be more open with their grief and focus on healing," said Angel of Hope vigil organizer Jackie Rowan,. "Its not suppose to be a hidden thing, we're supposed to be able to talk about our children, remember our children and continue to love our children even when they're gone.

    The Angel of Hope monument was placed at the Kearney Cemetery about 5 years ago.

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