Severe thunderstorm leaves damage to homes, farms in Orleans

Severe thunderstorm leaves damages to homes, farms in Orleans (NTV News)

People in South Central Nebraska cleaned up on Thursday after strong winds swept through the area overnight.

One woman who lives in Orleans said the storm woke her up in the early hours of the morning and she opened her bedroom door to see glass all over the place.

A three-pane window shattered in her living room where her boys often sleep Thursday morning just after 3 a.m.

She said she was lucky they weren't there.

"All of a sudden I heard this explosion. I thought we got struck by lightning and it sounded like the thunder was on top of us. I opened my door to a hurricane because our living room window was completely blowing out," said Orleans resident Kristi Bose.

Bose said the storm didn't last very long.

"When we came out and looked we had three vehicles parked in the row. This is one of them and all of the back windows were blown out. We had a bulk bin hit our house, come across our deck and I think that's what did the side damage to our vehicle," said Bose.

A neighbor right down the road was woken up by the storm as well.

He said he wasn't expecting it to be as damaging as it was.

"You could tell when stuff started to hit the house that maybe I should get up and see what's going on. At that point it came up so fast that looking outside you couldn't really see a lot from the wind and the rain and everything else blowing around," said an Orleans resident Kenton Peterson.

The National Weather Service in Hastings reported 91-mile per hour winds around Oxford but the Harlan County Sheriff's Office said there was damage in Stamford and Orleans as well.

"We had several center pivots turned over. I'm guessing an area of 10 could be more or less. Quite a few of those are damaged. We had a few out buildings that were blown. We had a lot of tree damages that were blown and branches ended up on the highways," said Sheriff Chris Becker with the Harlan County Sheriff's Office.

"There's some fences to be re-built and something to do with our barn door that blew away. I don't know where it went. We lost a barn door but nothing that can't be replaced," said Bose.

For now the clean-up continues and the family is waiting to learn the dollar amount in damage the storm left them.

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