Signatures verified in Hamilton County recall

    Hamilton County Commissioner Gregg Kremer is the subject of a recall attempt, following proposed changes to the ambulance service (NTV News)

    A petition effort to force a recall vote in Hamilton County has received enough signatures to proceed.

    Nearly a year ago, the county voted to end emergency medical services in the county. Those frustrated with proposed changes circulated petitions recently, in an effort to try to remove commissioner Gregg Kremer from office.

    County Clerk Jill DeMers told NTV she verified 318 of the 353 signatures submitted. DeMers said she is working with the Secretary of State's office on how to proceed, as the county must now set a date to hold a recall election.

    Former Hamilton County paramedic and current Grand Island Fire Department paramedic Tanner Greenough started the petition drive. Greenough previously told NTV he felt Kremer was misleading the public.

    "They claim that it wont hurt the response time and your level of services won't change, because you still have an ALS paramedic, but logic tells you that's not true" Greenough said in October.

    Kremer defended himself on the petition, and during the months-long debate, he has said he's looking out for the best interest of the community.

    “This is about spending county tax dollars in a fiscally sound manner,” Kremer said during a December 2017 meeting.

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